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Mosaic Crafts for Beginners

If you want to find a new hobby to keep you busy in your free time, you should really consider your hand at mosaic crafts. The best thing about creating mosaics is that it really does not matter if you are a beginner, or if you have done a similar craft before or any craft for that matter. With mosaics there are so many projects you can choose to do - from beginner to more advanced mosaic craft projects. Even kids will enjoy making a mosaic – it is really that simple.

The art of mosaics has a rich history and is still a very popular hobby today, because of the relaxing nature of the craft. Once you have tried making a mosaic for the first time, you will probably want to do it again and again - it is really so easy to get addicted to making mosaics!

If it is your first time working with mosaics, don’t despair – you do not even have to be a brilliant artist to create a beautiful mosaic masterpiece. You can make a simple geometric pattern which will look beautiful once it is completed as you add mosaic tiles in different colours to your design.

The other thing is that there are so many mosaic products out there – even for beginners. If you are worried about spending a lot of money on tile cutters and tile sanders do not worry. Mosaic tiles for beginners are pre-cut so there is no need to worry about buying too many tools at once.

Apart from the regular glass tiles used for mosaic projects there are also many small ceramic details available that one can work into your design. These include hearts, flowers, even letters – there are so many of these mosaic products from which to choose. These small details are great to add to a design for an instant focus point.

You may want to try your first mosaic project with something simple, like a coaster or a wooden blank in the shape of a flower or heart – whatever tickles your fancy! There are so endless types of wooden blanks available in the mosaic materials section of your craft store.

If you prefer, you can draw a simple design on the surface of your wooden shape to guide you when placing the mosaic tiles. Then, simply use some tile glue to secure the mosaics about 3 – 5 mm apart from each other. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look perfect! Once you are happy with your design, leave it to dry overnight.

Mix up some grout according to the instructions on the grout packet. If you are not sure, simply speak to your mosaic product supplier about the correct ratio of water to grout. Using an applicator, apply the grout to your mosaic project – taking care to get it in between all the tiles evenly. Allow it to dry slightly then gently remove any excess grout on the surface of your mosaic craft. Leave your mosaic project to dry overnight then use a damp cloth and rub off the remaining grout, polishing each tile. Voila! You have just completed your first mosaic craft using the direct method!

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